Friday, November 7, 2008

Alex Project #6

Here is the pirate of the Alex Project---or maybe less pirate and more little boy with pirate-leanings.  His patch is one of those leather rectangle jean logos, his cheeks a plaid shirt (same as the inside of his ears), his face is from a Trading Spaces t-shirt, his shirt is from a blue striped casual shirt, the pirate patch is from a little Halloween pirate hat and his jeans are of course Alex's jeans.  Also, his hair and eyebrows are wool from his over-coat.  

I have one more to do and no real plan for this next one, but I think it needs to involve one of Alex's sweaters.

Joseph and I don't have cable here, but yesterday I was really wanting to work to some TV shows, so I watched Grey's Anatomy over the internet----I watched 4 episodes and I think I went through a whole roll of toilet paper because of all the water-works the show produced in my eyes.  Phew.  


Susan said...

The Alex project touches me so. Thanks for posting such sweet pictures.

I. Maia said...

Cute! I cannot wait to see #7!...

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
oh i love this one! the plaid cheeks are wonderful. i cannot wait to see the next one!
have a great weekend.

sheridan said...

They are all terrific Nichol.
This one reminds me of "Sloth" from the Goonies a bit. I think it is the ears.
You are very talented.