Sunday, November 9, 2008

Alex Project #7 and Group Shot

The Alex Project is complete!  This last one was a bit of a challenge---it is strange to sew sweater-type of fabric----the straight lines don't really work out, but I like how this one turned out anyway---especially the bow-tie.  I think all men should wear bow-ties.  So the dog outfit and ears are made out of Alex's ribbed sweaters, the face out of a Trading Spaces T-Shirt, the cheeks are that same plaid that I have been using for all of the cheeks, and the nose is from a Jerry Garcia tie, the dog nose is fabric left-over from the pirate hat and of course there is the denim for the jeans and the corduroy for the hair.  I am pleased with how they all look as a group, because they look like a family and they are for a family.  Working on this project has been special for me, I'm a little disappointed that it is over.  I hope Tracey's family likes them and that I did his clothes justice---I know how important memory-holding objects are and I hope these guys make the Perez's feel nostalgic and happy when they look at them.  


I. Maia said...

Congratulations Nichol! The 7 of them look great and I am having troubles to pick my favourite.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
oh i love them all. this last one is so special. i think it is my favorite.
what a special thing you have created for this family. you are amazing!

Leeanna Butcher said...

LOVE the ears on #7!!! These are so wonderful Nichol.

Mary said...

I'm sure they will be much loved. They are all so cool and the little details are just perfect.