Friday, March 13, 2015

Cheeky at Home

Hello!  I am still lion crazy over here.  I know myself well enough to not close down my shop and start a whole new, lion-centered shop, but I love making them nonetheless.  I have started making hoops for other creatures, too, the more forest dwelling ones.  Last night, when I was picking up my husband from school, a baby bunny crossed the road.  It was such a sweet, tiny, vulnerable thing.  I hope it's still out there and not eaten up by an alligator.  I was a little confused to see it roaming around at night.  From what I remember from junior high, only vampire bunnies stay up that late (did anyone else read the Bunnicula books?).

My daughter has gotten really fast.  She is watched by a dear friend several hours every day, but during the other hours that she is here, I still need to work.  To work from home with a speedy baby who has no sense of her own fragility means sacrificing all sanity.  When I see her heading to danger (most of the time, the choking hazards of little dog food), I usually break out into song and dance to distract her enough so that I can outpace her to the danger zone and alter the surroundings.  She's such a rascal.

The weather is really beautiful down here in Louisiana.  It's gorgeous out, and breezy.  It's like this for a brief moment, and then the sun gets angry and tries to attack us.  Every Sunday, we've been spending time at New Orlean's City Park.  Last time we went there was a hula hooping event.  Hula Hoops every where, like being in a bowl of fruit loops.  Some people are very good at hula hooping.  I mean, very, very good.  Did you know that it is possible to hula hoop with your big toe?  People can do it!  The person I saw doing it was also super pregnant.  This world, and the people in it, are amazing, folks.


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