Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cheeky at Home

I have been dreaming about these for a long time.  I finally set aside a couple of days to work on them.  It's a wonderful feeling getting something outside of your brain and into physical form.  Then, of course, once you start getting things out of your brain and through your hands, your brain explodes with more ideas.  Through work, comes ideas.  I am working hard to set time aside in my schedule to explore these ideas.  That means sometimes saying no when people ask for things sooner, which I feel weird about.  I like to say "Yes!", but I guess in a way I am saying "Yes!" to golden, majestic lions!  Somebody has to make the lions.  I put the white haired one in my shop, already.  You can find him here!

Aren't you proud of me for sticking to my goals?  I wanted to make some ready-made things in my shop, and now I have some ready to go.  The pattern, though?  Not quite.  When I do free aside some time, I want to make something new and unscheduled immediately.  The idea of writing out steps, and methodically documenting different stages of sewing drives me to chocolate.  And, it's lent, so I can't be putting myself on the path to chocolate.  This is where having a boss would come in handy, for me.  I need someone to drop the hammer, give me a good lecture about work ethic, and maybe whip out a written notice.  I need to be on notice.

In other news, Walter's Star Wars birthday party was fun.  I tried to hover around and lead some structured games, which the kids did enjoy, but I think their favorite part of the party was the time right before parents took them home, when they were in the yard just picking oranges off the tree and playfully pelting them at each other.  I love my boy.  He really does love Star Wars.  He knows more than I do.  I am pretty excited to take him to the next movie when it comes out in theaters in December (I think).  Maybe we'll really nerd it up and camp out in line for tickets to the midnight showing.  In costume!!


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