Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For Sweet Baby Simran

This one goes to baby Simran, that beauty above with all that hair.  The gifter wanted the mobile to also have some animals in there too: a giraffe, whale, and lion.  This was one of those personalized mobiles where it was so easy for me to capture their likeness, sometimes it can be such a struggle.

I have just 4 more orders until my maternity leave that I scheduled for myself (I am still and will still be taking orders during that time, just not making any for 4 weeks) kicks in.  I hope that I can finish everything before Alice gets here, but she seems really anxious to enter the world.  She's welcome anytime of course-----but Alice, if you come early, please be a good little sleeper at first so I can wrap things up and then spend proper time with you. 

This is the most bizarre stage of pregnancy for me.  The baby inside my belly is fully developed, just hanging out.  She's just right there, and she could come anytime.  I can feel her stretching her legs out, and in about a week, that will be something I see her do.  I'm excited to look into her eyes.  In the meantime though, I need to sew for other little ones.  You should see me, I look like Frankenstein, mainly because I have to sew with my arms stretched way out to compensate for my belly, but also because I've really been frumping it up with the stretchy pants this past month.  I think Frankenstein wore stretchy pants, right?  Anyway, cheerio, have a lovely day.