Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Married Couple Wall Hangings

Two Beautiful Couples.  Looking at the first pair fills my heart with regret that I didn't ask Joseph to wear a bow tie when we tied the knot. 
These two pairs melt my heart, you can really see some magic in their eyes.

Waiting for this baby to be born over here.  She feels ready to come out.  I'd like her to hang on for a little while so Nonnie, the babysitter for big bro, has time to take the road trip to Cajun Country in time.  We are getting Walter a gift to help him still feel special when a lot of the attention, usually doted on him, will sway a little to the newest member of our family.  We found him 30 (!) little lego characters on Ebay for super cheap.  He loves those little guys.  I can really see the allure, too.  I love tiny little things with personality too.