Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wizard of Oz for Poppy!

This one.  I think I have expressed my love for my job quite frequently, but the Holiday months can turn my beautiful business into something more along the lines of Office Space.  I think I would be the sad guy obsessed with the stapler.  There are lots of orders and little time with the added pressure of wanting to also make life beautiful and special at home for my little one.  Ugly things can happen, like getting annoyed at the tree for being in my way.  But, This Family!  Especially the mom, just breathed life and love back into my frustrated little head.  Some people just have that magic in them.  I get excited about everything I work on, but having this Wizard of Oz project to look forward to made everything sparkly and warm.  This post is a bit rambly, but I think maybe some of you may know what I am trying to say!  Anyway, this family is the cat's pajamas!  And, little Poppy, who loves the Wizard of Oz, and has patience to wait for Christmas presents until AFTER Christmas just melts my heart!  Thanks for being you Poppy!

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