Wednesday, January 22, 2014


These three look so iconic.  I love their look.  Making this one was very fun for me.  You can't really differentiate the blacks in the photo, but I used a shiny silk for the jacket so that it would look like leather.  I spent a long time on this one.  I keep doing that!  Supposedly, the more you work on something, the faster you get, but for me it is the opposite.  I think I become more and more attached to my work and I make them more and more precious.  Or, perhaps the bambino in my belly is slowing me down.

I think someone needs to write a movie about these two and then ask them to star in it.  The dog too.  But, maybe don't have the dog able to talk in it, keep it classy!

You can order your personalized wall hanging here (pets are $25 extra).


Erin said...

love these three! what a stylish and awesome couple!

Denise said...

OMG Nichol this is the nicest post ever! Thanks so much for making this hanging for us, I am SO excited to receive it!!!!