Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wong Family

 I was really inspired by these photos.  Look at those smiles!  And, the sunshine.  Not to mention, the fire pants!  That was my favorite part: sewing those pants.

I feel refreshed for the work week after a Sunday afternoon in New Orleans, my favorite.  We lounged about at City Park.  We drank cafe aulaits while the little one had chocolate ice cream and then walked along a stream in and out of shadows from giant, majestic oak trees.  There's a man who you can hire to take you on a gondola ride who adds a bit of magic to the water.  Walter kept fighting off pretend dragons.  It was a great day, sigh.  Now I start work on a family wall hanging for a lovely family in the Ukraine.  The mom has been giving me insight to the chaos that is going on there.  I hope there is peace soon, and that peace comes about due to the powerful people softening their egos. 

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