Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hot Dog!

Hurray for something new to show you!  I have been doing a lot of custom work, which I should share here too, but Facebook is just easier.  And, lazier :(.  I'm also confused by this blog a lot of the time.  I am not sure what it should be like.  I like reading other people's tangents and getting glimpses into their lives, so that is why I let myself keep things the way they are here.  What do you like reading when you some here?  Or, not reading?  What should this blog be exactly?  

In the mean time I'll tell you about this mustache man.  He's eating a hot dog and has a pet weiner dog.  He seems like someone who would be boisterous.  The kind of guy who laughs so hard that he can't help but let potato chip crumbles fly out of his mouth!  Nobody minds though because he is so endearingly enthusiastic about things in the world that are good.  He could be all about Hot Dogs the food, but really he is about "Hot Dog!" the expression.  

One of my secret missions of motherhood is to try to get my son to use old timey expressions.  He does say "Drats!", and (my favorite) "Wait a ding dang minute!".  But, I need to throw "Hot dog!" into the mix.  And "fiddlesticks". 

Anyway, this guy is going to Maker Fair in Cincinnati via the Plush Team.  He'll be for sale at the booth they will have there.   Have fun in Ohio, friend!


Mandie Segura said...

I spent a good ten minutes showing my husband some of the little cuties from your shop last night- your mobiles are so fun & original! :)

nikimade said...

I just enjoy seeing what you are up to....whether art making, mothering, exploring...I would read anything you post!

unsightly said...

I want to see more sketches, you talented beast.