Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In a non-direct way, these luchadors I am working on keep making me think about wanting to take a tai chi class.  That is sort of a moot desire though, in a small town in Louisiana.  Did I use the word "moot" correctly?  I hope so.  One of my favorite lines from Friends is when Joey calls it a "moo point",  like a "cow's opinion".  I like that.  I wish I had some connections to Merriam or Webster so I could request a little word switcheroo.

Lately, I have really been wanting to design my own wall paper for miniature scenes for some little plush people I want to make.  I want to print it in a simple way, like how Lotta Jansdotter teaches in this book.  

I also want to print some simple designs on bags that I sew that will need to have zippers on them.  The bags will really be just an excuse for learning how to sew zippers.  Zippers have intimidated me since the dawn of time (drama).  I need to learn because I am planning to reupholster my couch and sew new cushions.  My couch at its current state is pretty sad except for one decked out arm rest that is covered in drawings done in crisp black permanent marker.  

I got the idea from an Apartment Therapy blog post title Aah or Eek!?   It had a lot of images of couches like the one pictured below.

In the comments people were saying how it maybe could be a great idea if it was designed a little better or filled in more.  I thought it was a great idea too.  I also thought that I would have the work ethic to draw on the whole couch and make it awesome!  But, it turns out that couches are pretty big.  Also, my sponge-brain (that's a compliment) toddler took a note from his ma and drew all over the backseat of our car with sharpies too.  Regardless, I now want to reupholster it, so I am going to rev myself up with a line of cute little zippered bags for you soon!  Just wait! 

One last thing.  I watched Drunk History last night for the first time.  So funny!  I was laughing so hard that it felt like I had done a bunch of sit ups.  It was literally equivalent to working out at the gym.  My favorite was the Booth Brothers story which is in the second half of this episode.  Adam Scott is in it and he reminds me so much of my husband.  Please watch!  So funny!

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