Friday, January 18, 2013

Rocket and Bear Super Bunny Girl

I was really excited to get a custom request from Lucy of Rocket and Bear, a colorful and wonderfully quirky handmade printing and knitting company. She makes beautiful things.  This girl is her daughter, holding her favorite bunny, who is also printed on her shirt.   Doesn't this girl look cool?  Her bunny also looks cool, and well loved.  I can imagine the two of them sharing secrets and hot cocoa.  I put rice in the bunny's paws to help its arms have a nice weight to them and be floppier.

I now have a listing up, specifically for people who want to have a doll made of their child/bff/mom/dad/crazy Uncle Burt dressed as an animal.  The animal could be like Lucy's daughter, a favorite stuffed animal, or it could be your spirit animal or imaginary friend animal.

I already have a couple of fun requests that I look forward to sharing with you.  

I hope you all had a lovely week!  We have some sunshine today after a solid week of gray skies.  It makes me want to run and leap outside and sing about the hills being alive with the sound of music.

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Rocket and Bear said...

I've been looking for the words to describe myself for ages, I'm a 'a colorful and wonderfully quirky handmade printing and knitting company'
who knew...I putting that on my website right now! Thank you, Love the post will send photos on arrival.