Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet Dylan's Cutsom Mobile

My latest mobile is of sweet Dylan's beautiful family, including her two big pooches who look like good guardians.  My favorite part of this one was making little Dylan's hat.  I was originally going to give her a baby headband, but it's a bit hard to put hair on a baby without it looking odd or like a toupee.  I just love this casual and laid back fam. 

I do think that these dogs look like good friends.  I used to think my little Albert (a miniature pinscher mix) was going to be my baby, Walter's, good friend.  But it turns out that Walter is Albert's arch nemesis.  I keep thinking that with time, Walter will seem less like a small wild beast and more like a sweet boy to Albert, but it seems to just get worse and worse.  Sometimes Walter climbs in bed with us in the middle of the night and Albert gets so grumpy and very vocal about being disturbed and having to share blankets.

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