Monday, January 14, 2013

Esme and Ferdinand


Esme loves black tea with lemon, honey and milk.  She also loves animals that make her feel sad, like three-legged dogs and blind kittens.  Her favorite hat style is "sophisticated" and hat color is green.  Flowers?  She loves yellow.

Ferdinand loves Esme's mysterious nature, and the stars that shine in her big doe-like eyes.  He also loves her sense of style and  round feet.  He loves Esmes pink cheeks and warm heart.  He would gladly walk an entire herd of ailing animals if it would melt her heart and help her to love him.   In the mean time though, he is bringing her a bouquet of yellow flowers.


Lunática Shop said...

I love your work, I follow you on facebook and I think all your dolls are so cute!! Congratulations

nibblescribbler said...

Hear hear Lunatica. You are a complete inspiration PCS, THANK YOU!!!! xxx

kiosc said...

Another amazing work !!
Your art is awesome