Wednesday, June 27, 2012

STUFFED! And, Pink Shoes

Three of my forest orphans are in the summer issue of stuffed.  It's fun to see my work in print, it is also a sort of strange.  I wish I could elaborate, but I am at a loss for words today, I'll keep writing and see what happens though.  I think what I enjoy the most is seeing their stories in print.  I have this dream of having Pink Cheeks Studios at a place where I can supplement my family's income comfortably and also have days that I can devote to writing books and illustrating them as well, in the style of my latest prints.  I have to laugh at myself, though because these past couple of months I have been working on getting Pink Cheeks profitable enough so that I wouldn't need to get a part-time job after we move to Louisiana (just a couple of weeks now).  I am nearly there, and so grateful, really, and now I am already getting greedy and wishing for this other goal to happen.  Maybe that is good?  Maybe that is a very general "business plan"?  It feels a little greedy though, so I guess I'll slow down, pull in the reigns and try and enjoy the time at home that this Pink Cheeked business allows me.

We move to Louisiana in a little over two weeks!  I am getting increasingly nervous about it.  Mainly because people who have been there love to tell me all about the summer weather.  I sort of recognize that weather is a fun, communal thing people can talk about, and that sometimes things can get exaggerated because weather is a fun thing to kick around and complain about.  I also know that I can tolerate heat like a trooper.  I like the feeling of the sun on my skin.  However, I am really starting to wonder, is it actually like a sauna, as people say?  I have never experienced that.  My brother, who has lived near Savannah for the past 2 years says that when you are driving in the summer down there, sometimes you need to put your wipers on even when it is not raining because it is so humid that moisture gets all over your windshield.  If I go outside down there, will my glasses fog up?   Are Walter and I going to hole up in the house all day and hide from the heat and alligators?  I am very curious about this place.  One thing that did make me feel better though, was a blog entry by Joy the Baker about New Orleans.  She calls the place "magic", and I love magical cities and places that feel unique in the world.  I also really love chicory coffee, which apparently is a nut they used to use to extend coffee, when rations were low during war times, but I love that nutty taste, and it is all over New Orleans.  Also, beignets.  I am going to eat a bunch of those. 

In sewing news, I am working on a mobile for the ultra pink and super fabulous Kitty Pink Stars.  Here is a sneak peen.  Or, should I say sneak pink.

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LittleGreenGuy said...

How amazing that you are in Stuffed! What an accomplishment :) Best of luck to you and your move. I find also that my business plan keeps changing as I grow :)