Friday, July 6, 2012


Things have been going so well for Pink Cheeks lately.  I thank you from the bottom of my hearty heart heart for your support and encouragement.  A couple exciting things have been:

1.  A feature on Apartment Therapy
2.  I am going to be working with a new toy shop that's opening in Brooklyn called Norman and Jules.
I have never been able to accept wholesale orders before, but I thought I would try with them and so far I am loving the experience.  These ninjas above are for them.  I love the idea of my toys mingling together with other toys.

I made a custom mobile for the fabulous Kitty Pink Stars!  I loved making this for her so much.  She is a wonderful person.  I can't say her name out loud without getting a twinkle in my eye.  She is special and unique in this world.  She started encouraging and buying my mustachioed men very early on.  It's like she sent sweet and tiny little fairies with rainbow wings over seas to be near me and encourage me to keep sewing and creating.  Sometimes when you share your work online there is this unspoken competition happening, but for Kitty Pink Stars, she flies above on her unicorn and offers generous support and genuine excitement and admiration for other people's work.  I just adore her.  Also, her son has magic, multi-colored eyes.  

This Baa-lerina mobile goes to baby Elle in Arizona.  I like the yellow, black and white.  Hip sheep!

I am going to take a break from this blog for 2 weeks.  I'll keep up with my face book page, but bye for now here, next time I write I will be a Louisianan.


unsightly said...

Congratulations Nichol! You are so awesome and talented, you deserve success more than any other artist I know. Love, patience, diligence, and talent are oozing from your work. Good luck with the move!

Fedulab said...

You (and your creations) are simply amazing! Fedulab blog

Anonymous said...

check out my blog

Kara said...

This is the cutest! Do you hand sew everything?