Friday, April 27, 2012

This Mobile Kicks!!!

Who better to watch over your baby at night than 4 highly trained Ninjas!  This was Joseph's (hubs) brain child.  He loves Ninjas.  We just watched Ghost Patrol last night and there was a preview for GI Joe in which the GI Joe folks have to fight some ninjas and the ninjas are quite captivating (although the preview's music was a Jack White song that would make even a fight scene involving myself look cool).  Their mouths are covered, so there isn't any of that fight scene grunting nor any of those slow-motion jaw dislocation shots, which make ninjas seem more sophisticated and graceful.  But, back to these mobile ninja guys.  These Ninja baby protectors are more soft and gentle.  And, I don't think they'll be taking anyone by surprise with their high contrast belts.  Plus, their little heart badges makes you want to drop your samurai sword and open up your arms for a Ninja hug.  Even though babies aren't going to be touching these guys, I still like to pay attention to the textures I use.  They are sewn out of a soft black fleece, which make them look like little dark storm clouds.

Thank you to Molly, Stuffed Nonsense, and Rebecca for your suggestions.  I am planning on making customizable options for Sumo mobile and Ninja mobile next week.  This summer will be my last-ditch effort to turn Pink Cheeks Studios into a successful business in the complete sense of the word business.  I love it so much, which makes it partially successful to me, but I need to bring in enough money to cover rent in order for me to continue not being employed in the "real" world.  I can envision it, and I am even excited at the challenge of making it happen.  I feel so business-y lately, like I could throw on a pant-suit, head to a diner and order some sort of business women's special.

I think for me, the secret will lie in these mobiles.  They are my "secret weapon" literally with these fierce Ninjas!  I want people to be able to choose colors and personalized options so that they are extra special presents for new babies and for parents who are super excited about preparing their wee one's nursery and filling it with whimsy and wonder.  We shall see.  Wish me luck!  And, if you have any ideas for me, I would love to hear them at any time!  Thank you.


unsightly said...

These are really cute. It seems like most of your creations are leaning toward the boyish side. You should try a few things that are straight up girly, like pink kittens and little lambies. Mythical creatures might be cool too, like Medusa and ogres or something.

Vivian said...

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