Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Mobile

My bear friends are done!  This is the fuzziest mobile so far.  Even the hoop is fuzzy.  Have you ever toured Elvis' house in Graceland?  Plush everywhere.  Plushy carpet, even on the walls.  The King liked things comfortable and soft, and I think he would have bought this for baby Lisa Marie.  I wonder what she is up to these days?  Do you remember when she was briefly a pop star?  Or, when she was married to Michael Jackson?  I am so glad my parents weren't ever celebrities.  I think it would have made life confusing. 

It feels really nice to sew these ridiculous things when Walter is napping.  It feels especially nice because now there is stress about the upcoming move to Louisiana, and I have always sought stress relief through working with my hands.  I alternate days of sewing with days of de-cluttering and general stuff-removing to make packing easier.  So, I already enjoyed sewing, but now sewing doesn't just equal "making stuff" it equals "not organizing" which makes it awesome x 1000.  Did I just do math? 

If you are a savvy business person/ crafter and you have any advice you are willing to pass out for free, I would really appreciate it!  I would like to make these mobiles customizable.  What sort of custom options should I offer?  What do you think of the hangers and hoops?  Should they be made of something else?  If so, what?  Any other advice you want to dispense would be massively appreciated.  I went to art school, so I can handle criticism, so don't worry about hurting my feelings or anything.  Thank you!


Opicarna said...

What about a choice of ad on accessories like stars, clouds... cameras. I really like the addition on the mushroom in the forest mobile. :)

StuffedNonsense. said...

i think the hoop that you use is perfect (we're trying to come up with a mobile option..involving different moustaches), easy to post safely and doesn't require the customer to 'put it together'. I think that they look perfect as they are but if you wanted them customisable then i think that opicarna's suggestion is a good idea.

unsightly said...

I'm not sure how anchored the figures are to the mobile, it would be cool if they clipped on or something so they could be removed when the child got too old for the mobile and they could play with the plush.

Vivian said...

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