Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mustachioed Mobile


I finished my mustache man mobile and I love them very much.  They are such charming fellows.  What is it about mustaches?  The curly, handlebar kind?  You just know who ever sports one is so polite, chivalrous and into shuffle board.  You know their jokes are of the corniest variety, featuring pun, pun, puns.  I like to imagine these four as being in a barber shop quartet and diligently practicing throughout the day for their nightly, night-night performance.

I really loved making these guys and am pretty excited about mobile #2, which was the brain child of Erin and Mike Lee, the talented photographers of Tall and Small Photography.  They had me make a sumo mobile for their niece, Vivian (pretty name), and I am making another for the shop.  I like to wonder about the lives of Sumo Wrestlers while I sew their roly poly shape.  I am just throwing this out there, but the life of a Sumo Wrestler has not been documented in the medium of reality TV.  I think it needs to be.  I am so curious.

The mustached guys are for sale in my shop.  I think I will make them a made to order item as well, in which you can customize their color palette.  I'll give it a try, I usually don't like to do such things to keep my schedule open for whatever fancies me (sewing-wise, not bon-bon-wise), but I feel like being business-y lately.

In other news, Joseph is preparing for a big interview, so Walter and I have been helping by getting out of the house.  Mainly we've been going to the zoo.  It's an hour away from us and just the most perfect, little zoo.  No thrills and frills like carousels and carny games, it's just sweet greenery, wandering peacocks, moochy giraffes, howler monkeys, and otters that always are putting on a show.  And goats, Walter's favorite.  Mine too.  I feel like I repeat myself a lot on this blog, maybe I've said this before, but I would love a few goats.  It's funny how one ages, when I was in my early twenties I longed for a big city life, now in my wise thirties, just give me a pair of goats.

I hope you are all well!  Stay tuned for Sumo Mobile take 2 and have a lovely, dovely week.


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erin said...

This is amazing! Very sweet of you to give us credit, but the mobile idea is all yours!