Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dapper Men Mobile

These men are going to be floating above a baby some day.  While the baby drifts off to sleep, they will be discussing shuffle board and malt milkshakes.  I am already so excited about them.  Now that the Handmade Market is over, I plan on making 10 mobiles for itty bitty babies.  Maybe this means I have baby fever again.  It probably does.  I usually do, so that would be a fair assumption.  I also just really enjoy giving myself these assignments to jog some creative ideas.  All the mobiles will go up in my Etsy shop when I am finished, so if you have a little fellow cooking in your oven and your nursery theme is "mustache", then you are in luck! 

Also, here is a video I found of a jerky elephant while doing some animal naming with my son (you would love to hear him say 'kangaroo').  She's a really jerky elephant, but for some reason I couldn't help but watch it about 5 times, laughing harder and harder with every viewing (sorry baby elephant!).