Monday, April 9, 2012

Bloomington Handmade Market

This past Saturday was the Bloomington Handmade Market.  This was most likely my last BHM :( because I am moving in the fall, but more on that some other time.  I had a great time, like I always do.  I love people watching, Bloomington is full of interesting people, all with sculptural haircuts.  I wish I was brave enough to get my hair cut in a sculptural way, Edward Scossorhands-esque, which is not how they wear it in Bloomington, but still.  People had such lovely things to say.  The BHM has is a DJed event. At one point a group of young girls each picked up a Swaddle Bear and started dancing with them like they were at the very coolest prom ever.

My booth display

The sweetest moment, however, was after this guy pictured above told me that my designs were "sharp" and then turned around to check out another booth and revealed that there was a sweet little dog head poking out of his backpack. 

I bought a few things while I was there.  My booth neighbor is a photographer and has been in all of the Handmade Markets so far, yet for some reason I had never looked through her photos before---they are so captivating---I bought one that seems to be photo collaged, but looks like one solid image of a man petting a tiny giraffe in an old victorian living room.  Her name is Mia Beach, and you can see photos on her web-site.  I also bought soap from soap-makers who make all their soaps from what they grow on their farm----literally from the herbs to the dairy that their cows and goats give them.  They also have llamas (you don't milk those though, I asked).  The soap I got is Basil lime zest and so refreshing.  You can also buy their soaps here.  LAstly, I bought a sweet print from an artist named Laura George, based out of Chicago, I was delighted looking through all of her prints and it's nice to bring a little of her magic back home to put in a frame.  Her Etsy shop is here.

All my leftovers are now in my Etsy shop waiting for you, yes you!  They love you and want to snuggle with you on your couch!