Thursday, October 27, 2011

Owl Girls

Five owl girls are finished. I tried to make them extra special. It helps to keep my momentum going when I am in factory-worker-mode. Two of them are wearing felt roses. I forget what they are called exactly in the sewing world, but they are fun to make. My friend Erin taught me how. Hi Erin! I was going to make elephant girls next, but I found some pretty sweet white faux fur so I am going to make polar bear girls instead.

I wish these owl girls were real and hunted mice. I found a mouse in the house yesterday evening. I am embarrassed to say that I shrieked and ran to the couch like all the dainty girls do in the movies. I thought I was tougher than that. I used to play with snakes as a kid, and I had pet lizards. There is something about the frantic way a mouse skitters though that makes me believe that it is going to run straight up my leg. I would have no problems with the circle of life running its course, but unfortunately my dog is a horrible hunter. I have seen him obliviously walk past cats that are 2 feet away from him, and then later try to attack a lawn ornament. Plus, the cartoons tell me that cats are the ones that are interested in mice, not dogs. I am less comfortable with poison and glue traps. The glue traps especially. I read online that soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil and leaving them around the kitchen keeps them away. Apparently mice hate the smell of Christmas, so that will be my plan number 1.


erin said...

Hi Nichol! I forget what they are called too, but they look adorable!

We are unfortunately having a mice problem too. It seems they mainly want to come in when it is rainy out, so I can't say that I blame them! We use live traps and then Mike takes them to the park. I am not sure if it is really working or not. Good luck!

Susan said...

I use super sonic plug-ins to keep away rodents. They plug into electrical outlets and they work, I haven't had a mouse in years. But they work on pet rodents also, so if Walter ever gets a white rat it will drive him bonkers. BTW, I cannot believe that he has grown so much. Why does time fly by so?

Leeanna Butcher said...

so fantastic! :D Your creations always make me smile. :)

Malissa Ann Winkowski said...

I love the Owl Girls! I also have that same unreasonable fear of mice. When I see one dart across the floor I get a shot of fear through my heart that he's headed straight for my pantleg.

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