Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bloomington Handmade Market

I made this friendly fellow last week. I like him very much. I finally was able to make a newsie hat, which I always though suited my very serious mustache men.

I liked it so much, I made another.

And also 2 pirates. They are both named Smithee. I can't seem to write individual biographies for my Pink Cheeks lately. I blame my rowdy toddler. But, I also love my rowdy toddler, so I am okay with it. I am going to start being kinder to myself instead of demanding crazy things. I am my own boss after all, and I'd rather be a kind and nurturing boss than one with unreasonable expectations. Anyway, here is Smithee's story:

Smithee is fond of the sea and parrots, so it is the pirates' life for him. He is not into theft and forced plank-walking, so his chosen pirate responsibility is mopping the deck. He doesn't like conflict, it makes him break out in hives. He doesn't want his co-pirates to think him wimpy,however. So, when there is a ship that need plundering, or a dispute requiring rumbling,Smithee pretends he doesn't notice on account of a rough stain on the deck that needs vigorous scrubbing. His fellow pirates are on to his act, they appreciate how the deck of their ship shines like gold.

Yay yay hurray for the Bloomington Handmade Market. YAy yay hurray for Bloomington and its strong lattes and freshly boiled bagels! Yay for its cute babies in homemade knit onesies! I love the Bloomington Handmade Market. This Saturday will be my third pre-Christmas event. I did their very first one when Walter was just a cute and squirmy fetus swimming around my womb. The Bloomington Handmade Market is lovely and warm and fuzzy. I enjoy it very much. I feel so at home in Bloomington, so it always feels nice to visit and especially nice to take part in a community event and pretend like I still live there underneath the shelter of their friendly trees. I'll see you soon Bloomington! Have your lattes all frothed and ready for me!


StuffedNonsense. said...

good luck! hope it goes well for you!

Wendy said...

I just love your mustached little men! I wish I lived nearby to Bloomington so I could meet them in person!

zahirdeshi said...

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happygraycloud said...

Your art is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!