Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Boys

Here are my four good boys. One of those good boys is the best boy and his name is Albert and he is my dog who thrives on being a good boy. He has very bad nerves on account of his high standards of good boy-ness he sets for himself. He is always looking at me, nervously, out of the corner of his eye and it really seems like he's judging my face and trying to figure out whether or not I approve of his behavior at any given moment. We got him from the pound and maybe he thinks we'll throw him back in if he doesn't act properly. We won't. He's practically my first born.

My second born, however, broke my wee little heart when he broke his wee little arm bone this past week. It was very sad. He was jumping on the bed while I was making it, something he has done many times before. Then, he just toppled off and landed in a very unfortunate way. I wasn't able to catch him. His poor, sad arm was swollen and so was his face from a pretty fierce crying session. Seeing the x-ray made my heart stop beating. A tiny bone, not fully formed, cracked. Something I made with love and then broke with neglect. It sounds heavy handed, but that is how it feels.

Now Walter walks around with an arm in a splint (the cast comes next week when the swelling goes down). The splint is wrapped heavily with gauze. He evokes a lot of sympathy in people he passes by. There is just something so sweet about an injured, tiny person. It's like seeing a chihuahua on a wheeled, therapeutic thingy, still soldiering on and running with the other dogs. Maybe it's because you know they endured pain which seems too adult for them, but they are still joyful little things, which makes them wise beyond their years. Regardless, I hear a lot of "Awwwwwws" as we walk by people, and then I feel cold, judging eyes on my back. My brother says that part is in my head, but even so, it hurts :(. Moving on. Walter is doing well. It's amazing how he has completely adapted to not being able to use his right arm. He just has this giant, annoying thing on there now, and he doesn't even question it. I'm sorry little man!

I'm still sewing. More owl girls are on their way. The Bloomington Handmade Market is less than a month away! Then, the following week I will be at the Indiana State Museum for their Handmade Indiana show. Go Hoosiers!


erin said...

So sad about Walter's accident! I am sure that people are not judging you. When you live with a tiny daredevil, accidents are bound to happen.

I can't wait to see you guys at the handmade market! Do you think Walter will let me sign his cast??

Kittypinkstars said...

Awww POOR WALTER!! I know what you mean though.. My Noah broke his arm at a party and I never forgave myself for leaving him there..It was the first time I'd left him! They bounce back though... As usual your stuff continues to AMAZE me!! Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

StuffedNonsense. said...

Sorry about walters arm.try not to give yourself too much of a hard time,it wasn't your fault,just an accident. The owl girls look super fantastic,well done.

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Gosh I love your work. :)

Sorry to hear about Walter. Don't be too hard on yourself though. I think kids are mostly made of rubber at that age. They bounce back - physically (and emotionally). Sending healing vibes his way! <3

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zahirdeshi said...

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