Friday, October 14, 2011

Super Girls and Tree People


I have been working diligently over here. I have some serious goals I set for myself that look ridiculous on my chalkboard:

4 good boys
4 tree people
3 elephant girls
5 lion boys
8 simple bears with glow hearts
5 strong men
3 mammer jammers

The Super Girls make me laugh. I don't know yet what super powers they have, but I want their big hair to be involved. The red haired one maybe could have secret ray guns stored in her vertical pig tails. The afro girl? I am not sure, but ideas are welcome.

I also want to create a story for my tree people. I want them to be like dream catchers of a sort so that they can fend off nightmares and make an inviting environment for sweet dreams.

I let these ideas simmer. Sometimes they never get fully cooked.


MiauMau said...

Your softies are looking cuter and cuter by the minute. Would you consider a commission? I'm having a little boy in February and would love a half bear half cat boy... If that makes any sense!

StuffedNonsense. said...

Beautiful work lady!i was looking forward to seeing your tree people and they are so cute,whoever gets one of those guys is in for a treat x

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh nichol!
i absolutely LOVE your new dolls!
what a wonderful post.
your board made me smile too!

bozoette said...

Maybe the Afro girl could have the power to cure the blues? Anyway, all your creations cure mine!