Monday, September 19, 2011

Strong Men

I have a few strong men done and ready for Market season. It is nice to sew them because they are fairly simple, so I get to spend more time on the face and facial hair. I photographed them on some fur I picked up (for making spotted owls) because I for some reason imagine strong men relaxing on bear skin rugs after a long day of pumping iron. I'm not sure any strong man out there would favor my choice of unitard fabric, but these guys don't have a say, and I am partial to colors and prints.

Which reminds me of the last episode of Project Runway. I just love that Oliver. He was getting so overwhelmed at those New York personalities trying to tell him what they would like designed. He is such a delicate and serious artist. I think he is a really subtle designer with an artist's soul, but I don't think he was meant to compete on camera with ridiculous deadlines and amusing challenges. I love that when Project Runway made all the designers do a quick jog around a track he almost had to go to the hospital. It made me want to intervene, kidnap him, and then give him a nice big, silent space with soft white walls so that he can create quietly in peace.

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