Friday, September 23, 2011

Plush You and a Secret Project

These guys are going to head over to Seattle to show off their biceps to a bunch of fabulous plushies and plushie admirers. Plush You Seattle takes place in Mid October at the Schmancy store. This is my first time participating in the show. I wish I could squeeze in the box and go with them and then drink about 50 cups of good coffee while whale watching (preferably with my friends, Kerry and Christa). If you are going to the show, please do these handsome men a favor and give them a hug.

I am also working on a secret special project for a super special tiny person growing in a super fantabulous fully grown woman whom I love very much. I am calling the project Operation Baa. I should be finished with it this week, and I hope to share it with you soon. What I hope the most though is that one day I will be able to have a conversation with the super tiny person because I can only imagine how amazing she will be. Her mom is one of my all time favorite childhood friends and talking with her was a lot like riding a roller coaster ride. The topics would take sharp turns and lots of loops and they would make your grin so large that your cheek muscles would start to sting.

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marathon1981 said...

Oh I am very excited to hear you are a part of plush you this year, I am as well and it is my very first time too!
I am actually making the journey and will make sure to give your guys a hug ... I've loved your work from afar (: