Thursday, September 15, 2011

Owl Girls

We are renting a house that had an orange table downstairs. The other day I lugged it upstairs, it was very heavy, but I am professional at moving furniture around. I can even move things with minimal grunting so as not to wake napping Walter. The table is now our dining table and my sewing table. It makes me very nostalgic for my childhood because we lived in a house built in the 70's that had a very Brady orange counter in the kitchen. Our kitchen floor was vinyl faux brick and I used to roller blade on it. Last weekend I was visiting my hometown and I drove past it and my heart almost stopped from a very powerful flood of memories.

Above you will see three finished owl girls. They have tails and nice, flappy wings. I imagine they have formed a nocturnal club that meets at midnight in a tree house to eat things dipped in powdered sugar.


The Simple Man said...

Oh man love your creations! Great stuff, and great content for your audience!

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Els said...

Geee, just found you, your monsters are great!!!

regalo said...

What a beautiful creations. I love it.
Greetings from the Netherlands.