Saturday, August 6, 2011


Awhile ago, I received a fun request from a lovely lady who bought one of my La Luchadors and wanted me to make a Mary Poppins for her daughter who loved that English nanny. I had a lot of fun making her. And, even though I am off requests for awhile, I had to take her up on another one for her yet to be born baby, Seamus. This lady takes the cake on best baby name selector (though I hope my family will take a close second [once we make a few more little monkeys]). Seamus will have an Adventurer/Carnival nursery theme, and so he gets his own adventurer. Here he is! His name is Jack.

Jack is an adventurer. He travels the world on a hot air balloon looking for adventures. He is very courageous. If there is an adventure that involves searching through the depths of a murky, deep and dangerous sea, Jack dives right in, without a nose plug. When visiting distant lands, Jack takes to the culture straight away and does not turn up his nose at the local cuisine. He once drank beetle tea, and when he was done he made a satisfying "Mmmmm" noise. If there is a puddle, Jack jumps in it. If there is a cave, Jack explores it for bears and bats. If there is an enormous mountain, Jack climbs up it and then does somersaults all the way down it. On every adventure that Jack embarks on, he is sure to pick up a trinket or doodad, to bring back home to his best friend Seamus.