Monday, August 8, 2011


Gary has a motorcycle. He loves riding it and feeling the wind on his face and the sun on his back. Sometimes after a long ride in the summer he has to pick the bugs out of his beard. Gary enjoys singing show-tunes, but it doesn't match his persona, so he only sings them while going very, very fast down a remote highway. He can really belt it out, but is still embarrassed at the thought of being heard, so during the extra showy parts of the show-tunes, he revs up his engine. At gas stations, he snacks on beef jerky and follows it with Orange Crush.

It was a cloudy day today, so I had to use the flash on Gary, which is a big time no-no in the softie photography world. Maybe it's a no-no in all worlds.

Nothing very exciting going on here. I am really itching to see the prequel to Planet of the Apes. It has been so hot, and I have been craving a summer block buster full of action almost as much as I have been craving tropical popsicles. Joseph and I have been considering driving to the drive in (over an hour away) to see it. It is my theory that Walter will fall asleep on the ride up and we will enjoy the show under the stars peacefully as our toddler snoozes in the backseat. But, if he wakes up and glimpses mean, violent, genius-monkeys we could scar him forever. Then trips to the zoo would be terrifying instead of a hoot. A parent's dilemma.

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Susan said...

Gary certainly cuts quite the figure. In regards, to The Ape movie, we went and it's pretty good. If you are a Planet of the Apes fan, this is a fun two hours. Not quite as good as Cowboys and Aliens, but close. Let us know if you do go. Have a great week.