Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sally is an artist. She is very serious. She diligently goes to cafes every morning, orders a mug of their darkest roast and then sits in a corner and sketches. Her favorite subjects are the lonely old men that come in every day, talk about politics, and get very grumpy when it rains. She is grateful for their wrinkly faces that are full of character and stories. Sally has no ambitions to be famous or in museums. Instead, she sends all of her work to her Grandma Gladys. Gladys, however, is convinced that Sally is trying to play cupid and sending her portraits of possible soul mates.

I hope you had a nice Fourth of July if you are American. I was thinking while I was watching some fireworks go off that it really is a nice, unfussy holiday. Maybe it's not as warm spirited as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it's still about family. Only, for the Fourth you don't have to spend a month prior nervously spending money and worrying about who likes what. You just get together, eat some potato chips, laugh and then explode things. Pretty cool.

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