Monday, June 27, 2011


Esmeralda has a love for cats. She was born with a terrible cat allergy, so she fills her home with cat figurines, kitty clocks, cat dolls, and collectible cat pez dispensers. She also goes to elaborate lengths to make the stray cats on her block feel welcome on her porch. She has several fine china dishes that she fills with a special culinary dish of hers involving gourmet tuna and sardines. It is a dish she also makes for her human guests on special occasions. While the cats sunbathe on her porch and eat her delicacies, Esmeralda takes very sharp pencils and does detailed drawings of her feline friends. She sells the drawings on the internet. She is saving up to be able to afford to construct an elaborate tree house in the weeping willow in her backyard. She will make it a retreat house for her cat friends. She will call it Purrradice.

Esmeralda is available here!

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