Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cecilia is an extreme optimist. Not only is her glass half full, but it's half full of the most delightfully tasty strawberry-lemonade with a cherry on top. If someone around her is frowning she will sprint over to them as fast as her stubby legs will allow and she'll sing, "Buck up, Buttercup!" and then she'll hug them so tight that the frown will pop off of their face. Her two modes of transportation are skipping and riding around on the town trolley. While on the town trolley she likes to hang her head out the window to feel the wind blow through her hair, and she likes to make eye contact with strangers on the street and then wave frantically at them with an enormous smile on her face so that they feel so special they could just burst!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a Cecilia in you life who gives you ferocious, encouraging hugs.


gemma said...

Hi Nichol!! Your dolls are really so cute!! Great job!!

Cassandra said...

I <3 Cecilia. :) And now I have that Simon & Garfunkel song stuck in my head (good thing)!