Saturday, July 9, 2011


Henry wears his bear head when he craves attention. He's a good listener and an honest, loyal friend. But, when his energy feels zapped and he wants people to pay him mind, he's too humble to ask. So, he drives to the next town over and walks the streets with a bear head on. Then, all eyes are on him and somehow that makes things right again.

This probably seems like a strange story. Maybe it is. I did have a good friend however who didn't have a car and when he was craving attention would ride his bike with one arm raised high, like he had a question in school. I think that's a fine thing to do. It's not acting out immaturely or doing something rash and damaging, it's just doing something peculiar that will give passersby something to talk about with their family when they get home.

I have been working on giant mustache men! I just finished stuffing one today and he weighs as much as a horse. Well, perhaps not a horse, but maybe he weighs as much as one of those adorable shetland ponies (which I desperately want to see Walter ride).

In other news of stuffed things, I am really lucky and able to curate a doll artist show for Vincennes University. I have been having so much fun choosing artists to be in it, and imagining how different artist's work would look together. It will be a small show---only 8 artists. I was sad to leave out some of my plushie friends and people whose work I admire, but I am also really excited about the group I have so far. I can't wait to share more with you! The show will be in January of 2012.

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