Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Larry is part of a team of masked bandits. He robs banks. His biggest occupational annoyance is that his he has incredibly stubby legs, which makes getaways quite the nuisance. When you add the weight of bagfuls of money to his already awkward frame, it makes matters even worse. He would request that the bank tellers leave the change and just put in the bills, but he's trying to collect all the state's quarters so he wouldn't want to risk missing out on the ones necessary to complete his collection.

Larry is now in my Etsy shop!

I am working on a few bear boys next. They are in the works.

My family and I are waiting for some news which has me on edge, not that it's bad news. Things will either change, or things will stay the same, but nothing will be bad, except for the waiting part. I am especially awful at waiting. I recently heard on npr that keeping secrets is bad for your health, so I will give you a secret example of how bad I am at waiting (this next part is in italics because it is a secret and you should read it like you hear a whisper):

One year, for Christmas, I found where my mom hid my presents and I opened them all. Other people have told me similar stories, so I know that part is somewhat normal on the rebellious-kid-o-meter, but I took it a step further and secretly wore my new Doc Marten boots out and about (for a whole month) and then re-wrapped them and acted surprised Christmas morning.

Please don't hate me, it's just a problem I have. It's genetic! No, sorry mom! First I spit on the spirit of Christmas and then I blame the genes you gave me! Argh. So, there you see how bad I am at waiting, and what torture it is. It makes me very chatty as you can see from this post. Chatting dissipates some of the tension that waiting creates. A good distraction from the waiting will happen this weekend in my town. There will be a clown parade of 1000 clowns. I live in the town where Red Skelton was born, and they love him here. I didn't know who he was either, but Don Draper mentioned him in a Mad Men episode so he is basically awesome. Joseph and I were talking about how it is very strange that clowns keep existing. I know several people that are creeped out by them, and the people that aren't creeped out by them tend to be indifferent. I don't know a single soul that loves them or admits to liking them, but they still keep on being around and cramming into vehicles. I wonder if they will ever fizzle out, and who the last sad clown will be. There is also going to be a huge pie fight that I am really curious about, but I work very hard with my son on encouraging him to eat his food rather than throw it, so the pie fight might take us a few steps backwards.


All About Us. said...

aI love larry! well done.
i hope your waiting finishes soon!
and thanks for your Christmas story, it made me cuckle!

bozoette said...

Oh! A parade of clowns! I was one once, you know - and there are still lots of them. They are not all scary, I promise. And really, pie throwing is a very valuable skill to have.

Nichol Brinkman said...

Oh my goodness!!! I feel awful, please forgive me. I was just rambling and rambling, I do actually really like Mr. Noodle from Sesame Street and Charlie Chaplin and you! I stink. Ugh.

erin said...

Good luck with your news! I am no good at waiting either, so I feel your pain. I snooped on my Christmas gifts before too, but I was caught! :( Kids are funny.

Michele said...

Well, I thought I'd weigh in and say that I love clowns, especially the creepy ones! Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a fave in this house. :)
- Michele