Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ashton and Fern

Ashton and Fern are neighbors. They are passionate about nature and stillness. Every morning after breakfast (Fern eats oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar and Ashton eats dark toast with smooshed bananas on top), they meet up dressed as trees and head to the woods to be very still. On their walk to the woods they pick up colorful bits of string that they find on the ground, like balloon string, discarded ribbons and bits of yarn that fell out of woven scarves. Then, when they are in the woods practicing stillness, they hold the string in their hands for the birds to pick up and add to their nests.

I sort of love these tree people.

Are you enjoying summer? I am. The days seem extra long and lazy. Walter and Albert and I have been going on ridiculously long walks in the mornings. Walter talks jibberish the entire time. There is a family who lives on my block that keeps chickens. Three hens and one rooster. Yesterday I spotted the children playing with them on their trampoline. I imagine the chickens think it's torture, but if they are smart they will use it to their advantage as they plot a getaway plan.

I am going to put these tree people in my shop right now! Also, they have string loops on the back of them if you want to hang them on a wall.


SeeDollyRun said...

They are so adorable!
- Michele

Monika said...

These two are super. You are very talented.