Thursday, June 9, 2011

Foot In My Mouth

my baby by amberye
my baby, a photo by amberye on Flickr.

I want to take back everything I said in my previous post about clowns. Bleh. It's so embarrassing when you think you have a funny conversation and then you recreate it on your blog and you come off as cynical and snarky. I have a friend, Mary (Bozette), who has a hilarious and heartfelt blog, and was a clown! I have great respect for anyone who takes those interesting and wiggly roads in life and I am most certain that clowns do that, so I take it back! I should go to that pie fight. And, I should wear a big target on my shirt to redeem myself in the name of all clowns! Sorry Mary!

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bozoette said...

Nichol, I am just catching up and I want to give you a big ole hug and say "no apology necessary!" You didn't hurt my feelings, really!! All is well! (BUT I love that picture of Albert - that is Albert, isn't it??)