Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sumos in Motion

I finished my two sumo wrestlers! I have had them in my head for about a month. I am improving on my sumo design from the mobile I made for my friend's niece. I added a gusset to make them more roly-poly, which makes me sound like such a sophisticated sewer (until you get to the roly-poly part). I am going to hang them from a striped dowel rod so that they can duel eternally in the air, but I couldn't resist doing a little wrestling photo shoot with them. I love the art of sumo. How did it begin? I am not going to Wikipedia that, I would rather just wonder. How do they prepare? Do they strategically eat fattening foods? Do you study the art when you are a child and then fall in love with it and then gain a lot of weight when you want to go pro? I probably should just Wikipedia it with all my questions, but sometimes I get annoyed at having the answers so close, so I guess I'll let them simmer for awhile.


Kuky said...

Love these sumo guy so much.

Світлана said...

so cool dolls =)

gusDon said...

Sumo wrestler statue that funny .... has made it great! certainly many who love it!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh nicole!
they are fabulous!
you are so wonderful!