Friday, May 13, 2011

Ellery and a Special Request Vacation

When Ellery was born, her home town felt a shake. The local officials thought maybe there was a slight quake of the Earth, but the truth is that the hearts of all of Ellery's admirers beat so fast upon her arrival that it sent out vibrations for miles. Ellery is so well-loved that she almost glows. Birds sing special songs and butterflies flutter with extra vigor when she is nearby because they know they are in the presence of something beautiful and lovely. There is a special pack of women in her life that guard her, protect her, snuggle with her and fawn over her porcelain cheeks. She feels the comfort of their love which makes her almost as warm and cozy as her fuzzy, bunny suit.

Ellery is for a sweet, sweet, sweetums friend's, friend's daughter. Thank you Ean!

Ellery represents my final special request. I take requests from my ever supportive friends and family, but I am taking a break to pursue some new ideas, explore gussets and learn some still life photography skills.


BaCreando said...

uuuuuuu fantasticccccc !!!

Jenny Stevning said...

Hi! I can't remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did.
I want to be Ellery. She is the cutest!