Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Clarence has a loud voice. His mother says they can hear him all the way in China when he speaks in his excited voice, which is most of the time. Clarence is excited about most everything, but he is especially excited about cereal with marshmallows in it, super hero comic books, carnivorous flowers, dinosaurs and his number one super best friend, Ti. Together, Clarence and Ti roar at things together and scare away mischievous rodents that try to eat the vegetables growing in their backyard gardens.

Clarence was a special request for Stacie who, if I had a fan club, would be the president. But, I think she would be the president of lots of people's fan clubs. That is just the kind of girl she is.


Leeanna Butcher said...

he is awesome! Love his lion hoodie. :D

Jane said...

I love his trousers..and his hood.. and his little pink cheeks...everything I just found you via circles on etsy,( I could never work out what those circles were for...now I know) your creations are wonderful :)
Jane x x x x

Fedulab said...

AWW he's great!