Friday, April 29, 2011

Three's a Crowd

Since I mentioned my dog, Albert, yesterday, I thought I should report on the status of his and Walter's relationship after the introduction of the stuffed bunny I brought into our lives.

Relationship Status = Rapidly Deteriorating

The bunny was for Walter, of course, but Albert has been eying it enviously since Sunday. Catching a bunny is Albert's Everest. And here I am, stuffing one and handing it over to my dear son, who torments Albert with his "petting" (hitting). Yesterday, Albert, who hasn't touched one of Walter's toys ever, claimed the bunny as his own. Here is a documentation of yesterday's events:


Susan said...

How funny and sweet is this?

bozoette said...

That last shot of a gloating Albert is great - I can just imagine him thinking "Victory is mine!"