Thursday, April 28, 2011

Midge and Molly

Midge and Molly are twins. Mostly, they have similar interests. They differ in opinion when it comes to milk (Midge is a fan of chocolate, whereas chocolate milk makes Molly's stomach go wobbly), flowers (Molly thinks dandelions are no-good weeds while Midge puts them in elegant vases on her nightstand) and bugs (Midge likes lightning bugs and Molly prefers the comical antics of the stick bug). They are the kind of girls that are very good at many things, but for some things, when they do them together---they are exceptional. Apart, they can carry a tune just fine, but together they can magically harmonize so well that birds stop singing just to listen. They also are extraordinary at throwing and catching cheese balls in their mouths. They are pretty sure they have some sort of magic twin gene that gives them an advantage in the sport of cheese ball catching. They are currently in the process of petitioning Guiness to be included in the book of records for most cheese balls caught in a row. This is all much to their pet dog, Shmoopie's, dismay as he wishes some of those cheese balls would land in his mouth.

Midge and Molly are a special request from my good friend Downtown Kelly Brown (Schmidtke) who I worked with in a cafe long, long ago. I have many memories of working with her and doing a lot of giggling. She is now Aunt Downtown Kelly Brown to two twin girls. When I was pregnant I desperately wanted twins, or triplets. I want a big family, so that seemed like a pretty economical (time-wise) way of getting to that goal. Now I am grateful to just have Walter because he is so rowdy I can't imagine having another just like him. Also, if I had twins, my poor miniature pinscher, Albert's, hair would most certainly all fall out due to anxiety. It breaks my heart that he (I know it's a strong word, but fitting) hates Walter so much. He's a good boy, so he would never bite, and sometimes if Walter has graham crumbs on his hands, Albert will even give him a lick, but he definitely despises his existence. I cross my fingers that when Walter is older they can be good pals.


blueagenda said...

very cute really!

Kristen said...

Hey Nichol! It's Kelly's sister, mom of the twins! These pink cheek girls are fantastic and I will most definitely share the story of Midge and Molly with the girls when they are old enough to understand the story.
I can't wait for the twins to come in the mail!