Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stanley is in the Shop

Stanley is a chef at a small neighborhood restaurant in his friendly neighborhood. He gets inspired for his culinary dishes by the patrons that enter his shop. He doesn't speak to them because he is horribly shy, but he smiles at them under his mustache and he observes them through the chef's window from the safety of his kitchen. For Dotty, the sweet older woman with white hair that has a pinkish hue, he invented pomegranate pancakes with a strawberry sauce. For Larry, a boisterous fellow whose large belly jiggles when he giggles, Stanley invented a jellied horse radish sauce to be served with meatloaf. The patrons find Stanley to be quite a curiosity. They desperately want to start conversations with him, but don't want to disrupt his culinary process.

Stanley is super cute! His mustache is made of partial wool felt and he has a wool bottom. His shoes are part denim part felt. He has hand embroidered and machine embroidered features. He would love to sit on a windowsill in your kitchen and motivate you to be more adventurous with your dinners! He measures roughly 12" tall by 8" wide.

He is meant for gentle play, but because of his buttons is not intended for children under 3.

He is now available in the ole shop.

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