Monday, March 14, 2011


Paul dresses to the nine even though he doesn't have anywhere important to be. He can't work because he has had the hiccups for his entire adult life. All his former employers had to let him go because his fellow employees complained that they couldn't concentrate due to the noise. Now he gets paid by doctors and scientists looking to invent a cure for hiccups. He also tries his neighbor's daughter, Sally's (a budding scientist) concoctions at no additional charge. Her cures mainly involve various combinations of the condiments in her mother's refrigerator. Though it didn't cure his hiccups, Paul was pleasantly surprised at the taste of soy sauce and honey mustard. He uses it as a dip for his french fries now.

Paul measures roughly 15" tall and 12" across. He was made by hand by me and is one of a kind. He has a faux fur mustache and hair and hand embroidered features on his face. His pants are corduroy. He is meant for gentle play (no under-three year olds due to his buttons). He also would be a conversation piece on your couch or shelf. He comes with a hand drawn portrait of himself and a printout of his ridiculous story.

He is available at my Etsy shop.

This fellow is one that I am writing a pattern for. The pattern will be available in the book I will be apart of that is coming out next May. Writing patterns is not something of my element, but I think overall it is good for my brain to do so. Like Sodoku, which I never do. Hopefully I will learn a lot from the process and be able to offer patterns in my shop in the future.

Also, I just need to say that my heart goes out to Japan at this time. It is so strange that life is normal and unchanged here while such tragedy is happening across the planet.

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Michele said...

Oh, dear! I can't imagine having the hiccups for all of my adult life What a super cutie this guy is, tho. ;)