Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I always feel more productive creatively after a good snow fall. I think this is left over from snow days and the feeling of being given an extra special day to avoid the 9-5 and do enjoyable things. This is a picture of the abandoned house across from mine. There is a small family of cats living inside. I like to imagine them watching TV and making tea for one another.

Ramona has a mission. She wants to be the first person ever to capture the Corey Lake Monster. The Corey Lake Monster lives in Corey Lake and has been seen by very few people, but she counts herself among the few. She saw it when she was under water, winning a breath-holding contest. It came right up to her and gave her a wink. She hasn't seen it since, but she writes the Corey Lake Monster elaborate letters that include drawings and glued-on glitter and sequins. She makes the letters water-proof by carefully wrapping them in packing-tape and then tying them to a rock. Then, she canoes (using proper form) to the middle of the lake and drops it in for her friend. She hasn't received any return correspondence in the traditional sense, but she's convinced the Corey Lake Monster appreciates her efforts. It hasn't gone unnoticed that Ramona's lake experience has improved since befriending the Monster. The minnows don't seem to nibble on her, and she spots a lot more frogs (her favorite). She's sure her friend must have some control over this. When she does capture him, she's going to name him Fred and teach him how to play Scattegories.

Ramona was a special request from one of my favorite people ever. It's for her sister who is the fiercest board game player that I have ever met. She is having a baby. The baby is super lucky. This woman is awesome, warm, fun, funny and smart.

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