Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini Yam

Awhile ago, a friend requested I make a Yam doll for her cousin's baby whose initials are, you've guessed it, YAM. Now the cousin, who is also a friend from long ago, requested a mini Yam for her daughter to hold onto (she's a baby [**correction, she is the cutest baby (sorry Walter, it's true)]). When she asked me to do it, she mentioned that she loved big Yam and wanted her daughter to love mini Yam so much that she through a fit whenever the mini was accidentally left at home. I am not one to condone tantrums, but the idea of a child throwing one over a Pink Cheeks makes my heart do somersaults!

Here is mini Yam! I tried to make her jingle by putting tiny bells inside of her, but the jingle got squished out by the fluff. That is unless it is like the Polar Express bell and only children that believe in the magic of Yams will be able to hear the jingle. Maybe?

I showed this to Walter to see if she passes baby approval and he promptly tried to put her in his mouth, so I think that is his version of a thumbs up.


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i've tried to add jingle bells to stuffed animals, too. someone suggested i use cat toys lol, so the bell is free to jingle-jangle. haven't tried it yet, though.

Genevieve Sullivan said...

I love mini yam!!! She and Mini Merle can hang out anytime.

Michele said...

Your mini Yam is ADORABLE! Lucky Walter. :D