Thursday, January 20, 2011

Huckleberry and Ella

I love special requests, but sometimes when they go wonky I like to retreat to my comfort zone of people in cozy bear suits. So, what would have been a blondie boy in a penguin suit, is now a blondie boy in a bear suit. But, he's sweet. And, the penguin boy was giving me trouble, so I put him in the corner with my scrap pile (let that be a warning to you, Walter not really). Hopefully the recipient won't mind. There weren't any parameters for this particular request, but the giftee's mom and dad like the Pittsburg Penguins, so I wanted to make a Penguin kid, oh well. I used a special kind of fur for this bear boy---it's called Sherpa fabric and it has a suede underside. It also feels softer than warm butter. It's so nice to touch. A comfy, soft friend is so the right kind of medicine in the winter time. My comfy, soft friend goes by the name Albert (my miniature pinscher). When he is on my lap, I get so lazy.

Huckleberry can ice skate like a professional. He is not sure how it happened, but ice skates to him feel natural and much more comfortable than any pair of shoes, even his moon boots. His favorite place to ice skate is on outdoor rings with real chilly winter air blowing around. He likes to go so fast that his cheeks turn as red as his heart and his face starts to go a little numb. It is even better when it is snowing because the flakes get stuck to his eye lashes and tickle his face. The very best part of skating outdoors though, is the coming home part. His parents usually make him hot chocolate so he can thaw his face out in the steam from his mug. Then he snuggles between them and they open their heavy, hardbound books, and read to him about various adventures.

Usually when I am planning new Pink Cheeks, I draw silly things and then I go through my fabric and pick things that work. However, my latest trip to the fabric store was really spend-y. I saw very loud, colorful prints and I grabbed them like hot-cakes. Not that there was a line of people waiting to buy them, I just didn't want my frugal Franny side to put them back. I am going to make a few masked vigilante ladies with them. Here is one. I am putting her in the shop today!

Ella is tired of bullies. She thinks they are ridiculous, silly little things. She doesn't believe in violence, but the next time she sees a bully bullying, she is going to throw on her mask and fuzzy boots and give them the stare-down. She's not sure how her plan will work, but hopefully she will weird one bully out enough so that he rethinks his ways.


erin said...

1st: love the fuzzy boots! I think I will love this masked ladies very much.

2nd: your blog header looks great!

3rd: I miss you! We should schedule a date soon!

Nichol Brinkman said...

1. Thanks!

2. Thanks Mike!

3. Me too (missing you). I agree, we must set a date.

Susan said...

I love that you said frugal Franny. Your stories are always so much fun. Have you thought about doing a book from your blog posts? I'm thinking it would be awesome.