Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nelson, Timothy and Barry

Nelson is so shy that butterflies start fluttering in his stomach before his mom even wakes him up for school. People misunderstand what he says 98% of the time because his voice is softer than his super-soft bear coat, which he wears for both protection from the cold and as a way of intimidating bullies. His mother told him that if bullies ever pick on him he should always take the high road. He can't find it yet, but searches Google maps every day.

Timothy is an excellent public speaker. He is going to grow up to be very important and people will turn on televisions and hear what he has to say. So far he only holds firm opinions on how awesome his pet lizard is (very) and how delicious cotton candy is (very). He speaks candidly about both subjects, and he always makes sure to make proper eye contact with his audience.

Barry is an inventor. After school everyday, Barry draws his ideas out in his loose-leaf notebook. He only uses sharpies because

a. they smell good
b. they are the best

his inspiration for his inventions come from recess. When playing, if someone puts up a "force-field" as a ways of being "safe", Barry uses one of his made up inventions. So far he has "force-field-breaker-bullets" to break their defense. The second they invent "force-field-breaker-bullet-proof-force-fields" Barry will be in trouble.

I am getting prepped for the handmade market. I only do 1 of these a year, possibly I'll do more now that I am a stay-at-home-mom. I really love it. It's like having your own tiny store front. My favorite part is watching the kids reactions. Last year a grown woman ran over screaming "Awwwww!" and gavea bear-girl a hug, which made my heart do a tiny flip. I am also very excited to be in Bloomington again. I think I will drink 20 Soma chai-teas while I am there

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Leeanna Butcher said...

loving the boys!! :D I'd love to see photos of your booth with all these cuties lined up for adoption. :)