Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloomington Handmade Market Recap

Sorry, I forgot to take photos of my booth until it was less inhabited with Pink Cheeks. Which is good, business-wise, but sad image-wise. Hopefully you'll forgive my lame booth picture because the cutest of all Pink Cheeks made it into the shot. We made a little Walter-window for him. I really wanted to duck under the table and pretend like he was the vendor, but I was too chicken. There were so many great vendors, including this guy who I was lucky enough to trade with. I need to take a photo of what he traded with me, but I have to hang it in Walter's room first. Friends stopped by (thanks friends!), and there was such a friendly, fun atmosphere in the place. I was nervous about Walter being there the whole time, but as it turns out about every other booth had it's own personal baby mascot, so we were in good company. Also, I find with Walter that he is really well-behaved as long as there are people to look at, so he was basically awesome all day long (thanks, little man). The customers were great, and so generous with nice words which feels so good. My absolute favorite part is when people take the time to read the stories and then actually laugh at them. I had a few people read every. single. one. (thanks!) I have seven left which are all going up in my Etsy shop today. Then, I need to work on some special requests and hopefully get some new ones into the shop for Christmas. In the meantime though, I really need to clean my stove-top.


bozoette said...

I am not at all surprised that people read all the stories, because I love the stories that came with my wee Nicole-made family!

Miss J said...

Congrats! You've been turning out such amazing stuff in the past few weeks! So inspiring!

mimi k said...

I love how you used your bags and tissue as a backdrop- they are eye-catching. I was talking to a friend who is doing her first show and suggested she use your bag display idea!