Friday, November 19, 2010

Monkey Boy and Photo Shoot!

James is really fond of that song about the monkeys that jump on the bed. He also thinks that maybe he is a genius because he would not have had to call the doctor to find out what he/she said about monkeys jumping on the bed. He would have just known that if you don't want to bump your head, then you don't jump on the bed. And, he has not even been to medical school! One day he may go though, but he wants to go to the kind that trains you about how to save animals' lives and then he will make it his chief concern that no monkey, mouse, elephant, whatever jumps on the bed. Though in secret, James jumps on the bed. It is just too awesome not to.

James is for Charlotte's brother. I think they sort of look related in plushie form.

Joseph and I are super lucky to have two very talented friends from Tall and Small photography who came all the way to our tiny town to take pictures of our little man. They have done this 2 other times. I am very much into posterity and I want to have an amazing record of Walter's first year. I hope Tall and Small can do this for all our future babies, otherwise they will feel pretty ripped off when they go comparing baby books, which is inevitable. The pictures are so fun. Here is one:

And, if you go to their website you can see a few more including one of Walter dressed as a reindeer (sorry Walter!). Afterward we went out to eat at a place that makes nice Italian, but more importantly, serves tuxedo cake. I didn't know what it was before that night, but now I will never forget. My belly was mad at me the next day for eating it, but it was worth it. I was just looking for a link to it, but I couldn't find one---basically it was two kinds of cake (vanilla and chocolate) with two kinds of frosting (butter-cream and chocolate) all layered again and again like a jailbird's uniform. It was soooooo good. But, enough about cake! Tall and Small Photography are awesome! And, for hire! Go get married in Fiji and ask them to take pictures of it for you!

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